Our Approach

This website is our tool that we will use to connect with the public. Everything that our team is currently doing will be recorded here; so that you are always well-informed about what great projects we are in the process of implementing. We make sure that the workshops and advice we offer is practical and grounded in reality. We are not concerned with promoting only particular treatments but we wish to promote all treatments and paradigms equally. We want to be a platform to signpost and promote other public speakers, podcasters and life coaches. I personally support the perspectives of Wim Hof, Carl Jung and Wilmhelm Reich to name a few. We are challenging stigma by seeking to re-define mental health as a universal struggle which everyone deals with. We are open to the public’s ideas and input into finding more creative ways to tackle mental health and mental health-stigma.

In addition, we would like to facilitate the discovery of your professional/personal ambitions. In an age where technology is exponentially growing and people are having to up-skill themselves so that they are not made redundant; we want to ensure that you are fully prepared to adapt to current circumstances. We want to teach you some skills you need so that you can find out how to get to where you want to be in life. Once you feel that you have the skills you need in your career, we also want to ensure that your skills, talents, passions, hobbies and purpose become in-line with each other. In summary we want to help you to realise your Ikigai!