My Vision

Ever since I graduated in Psychology at Salford University I was always hoping to make a contribution to not just the healthcare industry but all industries. I later found that I had an entrepreneurial spirit which was inspired by the need to change and improve upon what I see in the world today. I could never accept the fact that the NHS were not catering enough to the growing needs of mental health patients back then. I decided to take action and create my own cause “Psychetogether” where I also made a blog series on mental health. I wanted to build creative solutions to mental health and so I would brainstorm to an endless degree.

I later decided to immerse myself in the corporate world in order to understand the growing challenges of the I.T. and business industry and general current affairs. I got involved with projects for the Department for Work and Pensions and also Barclays Investment Bank. I noticed how we are all becoming slowly more entrenched within cyberspace as technology continues to advance.

I decided to do my own research into this and so I released a survey “The Investigation Of Different Perspectives on the Future of Millennials” in order to gain insights from the public. This lead to me creating a whitepaper based on the results I gained (you can download this whitepaper copy at the bottom of this page). Upon analysing these findings it became clear to me that there needed to be more research geared towards investigating the implications of the rise in mental health issues alongside the rise in technology and potentially how these factors interact.

The goal of Psychetogether is to improve the quality of your life. I wish to do this by educating, inspiring, and connecting people to their own natural power. The power within. I want to first address the challenges of this generation in the 21st Century from the practical and financial issues to the spiritual and existential crises we all face.

We are open to everyone. We recognise that mental health is a wide spectrum and that everyone has something inside that they may at times be struggling with.¬†We aim to raise your level of emotional intelligence and self-awareness, so that when you face personal or professional obstacles in life you are better equipped to handle it and grow through this experience. Our definition of recovery starts with an individual being at peace, but doesn’t end here. We want to help you to realise your potential and go into the world and share your purpose and passion in life.